Extremely Reliable

To say that Charlene was helpful would sell short the dedication that she shows to her profession, and as an extension to the clint list that she represents. As a first time buyer, it was refreshing to deal with someone who was able to strike the balance between remaining truly professional, and allowing herself to be real and truly human. As Charlene was our first realtor, our expectation for a distant, canned response agent was not unfounded. Yet, Charlene remained ever vigilant, vocal, and throughout the bidding/underwriting/signing process. Even when, at times, other parties did what they could to slow or altogether stop our purchase, Charlene was right there fighting for the resolution that we so deeply wanted. Without a doubt, if my next purchase is anywhere within Charlene’s area, I will be seeking her out. In the meantime, I’ll be doing what I can to get her name out there because she deserves as much word-of-mouth advertising as I can provide.

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